8 Replies to “Summer Vacations Fee Notice – Islamabad Region”

  1. My child is studying in Headstart, F-11 Campus, Islamabad in Grade 6, I have requested Chairperson of School for not charging of School fee for the months of June and July as I have not given consent of further studing of my child in this school from his final exam. Which is conducting in the current month of May and later on in Grade 7 but she turned down my request and ask for depositing of fee otherwise school leaving certificate and redult of 6th Grade of my child will be withhold by the school which is sheer violation of IHC orders. I request you to please help me in this injustice as I have already deposited school free for May, June & July 2018. Much thanks Ali Iqtadar

  2. Why r schools sending fees challans for summer break this is unfair we parents have to stand against it and take the matter to coed justice

    • schools response on it is, we will adjust the fee if the case judgment comes in parents favour but now all have to pay as previous judgement of IHC has been cancelled by SC. Technically schools are right. The silence of PIERA and other authorities is criminal

  3. Salam my name is Tariq Nawaz from Swabi my children are studying in Quad e Azam public school swabi the school have taken the summer fee from us and now they are not adjusting or given us back they told us the school do not know about the summer vocation supreme court judgement the show my a newspaper cutting that only reduce the fee 20% when was 5000 so what we do ?
    mobile no. 03439213469 phone 0938 222137

  4. Koi Alhuda international school walo sey bhi poochai jo islam ke naam per dukan chala rahay hain
    Aur stay lia howa hay sc mein ke welfare foundation hay why we reduce our fee structure
    I am paying of my 3 kids
    rs 8900/-
    rs 8000/-
    ra 8000/-
    Its monthly
    Aur ayy din kabhi kangroo kabhi aiex kabhi annaul function ke charges
    They are just like other private mafia
    Lekin islam ke naam per karobaar karna ye baqi logo sey zayda bara jurm hay
    Free mein plots donations letay hain aur standered ameeri ke liay rakha howa hay koi bhi middle class ghar Alhuda school ko afford nahi kar sakta
    Matlab islami taleem sirf ameero ke bacho ke liay rah gai hay

  5. Dear Sir,

    From January I’m trying to pay my sons fee for O levels second year with enactment of Supreme Court orders. But the Roots Millinium School E11 campus says that this order does not impact them. Today I again went to them and request them to give me the fee voucher with adjustment advised by the honourable Supreme Court but they do not want to listen. Over and above the fee manager in school Mr. Hammad threatened me that he will not let my son appear in m2 Cambridge exams for which I have already paid the fee. How can I proceed forward with this bully ness by the school?

  6. They are supposed to regularize their fees before they ask for any fees …which we are sure most of the schools wont … see the recalculation notice on Facebook page and follow

    Summer vacation fees was only for 2018 not for 2019 which they have deducted it will be adjusted ..

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