1) In the absence of tested vaccine for Covid-19 and insufficient healthcare facilities, should schools be allowed to open from July 15th?
2) Considering social and economic impact of Covid-19, reduced operating cost of schools and grant of generous support package by the Government, fee should be waived from parents until lock down is in force
3) Do you want the relief in two months fee extended beyond two months until the lock-down is lifted?
4) Did you get a relief in two months fee (due to lock-down) announced by respective govt?
5) In case of No relief in two months fee, did you register your complaint on PM’s Citizens portal/ PEIRA/ School registration authority ?
6) Did PEIRA / school registering authority take any action in resolving your complaint?
7) Did PEIRA / school registration authority determine and notify new fee structure in line with Supreme Court Orders?
8) Did your school refund / adjust excessive fee charged from you since January 2017 in line with Supreme Court order?
9) Are you satisfied with the action(s) of PEIRA/ School registration authority in fee determination and implementation in line with Supreme Court order?